Unit 2: Authorpreneurs

We are breaking ground into Unit 2 today, which I’ve titled “authorpreneurs,” a name I stole from a self-published book about self-publishing. After exploring The Verge essay on self-publishing from April 2019 (which you hopefully read today), we’ll look at the current state of the industry (if we can call it that) and map the three main topics we’ll discuss over the next 2-3 weeks. Finally, I’ll then introduce you to some spaces for buying your own domain and we’ll talk about the importance of domain names.

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Zine production: part 3

So far you’ve made a storyboard and drafted a grade proposal for your zine. We’ve also discussed different production techniques. You should have planned and addressed some of these in your proposals, especially: content (title, themes you’ll explore using writing, drawing, photography, etc.) materials (kind of paper, binding, ink, printing method, etc.) format (size of pages, # of … Continue reading Zine production: part 3

Zine production: part 1

Today you are starting your first of four days working on producing your zines for the Collingswood Book Festival. I can think of a couple of very different ways for coming up with ideas for your zine and/or developing existing ones ideas: one privileges serendipity (what did find?), another audience (who might buy your zine?), and yet another your schtick (what ideas are too good to ignore?). Let’s start with the first one: serendipity.

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Girls to the Front slides + summary On Tuesday, you created these wonderful DIY slides [pdf] for your assigned section of Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution by Sara Marcus. I asked you to be ready to summarize your assigned section but to use your slide to amplify the … Continue reading Zines!