Reviews: the social proof of self-publishing

As many of our books noted, reviews are an essential component to self-publishing. This makes sense: without reviews or endorsements, it’s awfully hard to get noticed, or demonstrate (what a few of our books called) social proof. In How to Market a Book, Joanna Penn identifies three main types: Customer reviews [example from Goodreads] Book … Continue reading Reviews: the social proof of self-publishing

Unit 2: Authorpreneurs

We are breaking ground into Unit 2 today, which I’ve titled “authorpreneurs,” a name I stole from a self-published book about self-publishing. After exploring The Verge essay on self-publishing from April 2019 (which you hopefully read today), we’ll look at the current state of the industry (if we can call it that) and map the three main topics we’ll discuss over the next 2-3 weeks. Finally, I’ll then introduce you to some spaces for buying your own domain and we’ll talk about the importance of domain names.

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